What TEENS say about the Teen Experience

I was amazed at how good it felt to be in an environment where we actually talked about our feelings about the world, and the things that really matter. I felt at home from the very start and knew I wanted to be around whatever it was as much as possible. The people there helped me with so much of my anxiety and helped me see that my perspective is never “wrong” or “stupid.” I fell in love with absolutely everyone there for their own energy and spirit. This made me see how incredibly beautiful us humans can be. I needed that connection with others as well as myself. Every teen I know of needs something like this in their life and I want as many as possible to have this opportunity.

~Ember, age 16

It was an amazing experience! It was very uplifting and I felt so much love. I will be a better person.

~Curtis, age 18

Wow! I learned so much in this experience –about my fears, my masks, my self, my gifts, my beautiful shiny heart. In the seminar, I found myself and discovered what I wanted. I learned to know myself better and to love myself more. I became awake and can now see the world differently.

~Astrid, age 15


The Teen Experience has meant so much to me. I am amazed at how close I got to others in just 3 days! I would love for this program to continue here.

~Abram, age 14


To me, this was about learning to be who I am in places where everyone is doing the same. I now will do my best to put my mask away. I have gained a new family and group of people I can trust and love. It’s like I have known them my whole life. I LOVED! EVERYTHING!

~Hannahlynn, age 16


It was magical and life changing! I’m going to really miss everyone! I have made a family here. I’ve never felt so much love, trust and connection before! I, for once, felt like myself. I was accepted and felt like everyone was accepted too. Please have something like this again soon!

~Amber, age 14

The Teen Experience sets us on the path of love and helps us take the first step in realizing our dreams.

~John, age 18

This has been a life opening opportunity for me because there have been things in my life that have happened and instead of talking to someone about it, I would bottle it all up inside, but when I came here I started to open up more and talk to people.

~Jaelyn, age 17

It has really helped me love myself. I feel loved! It was an amazing experience. Level 2, 5 days! DO IT!

~Eryn-Michelle, age 16

Being here for 3 days has helped me be more vulnerable and open to people. Also, it helped me learn to take my own advice because I usually only give other people advice and ignore my own.

~Karlee, age 15

It was awesome. I learned a lot about myself and made a ton of new friends with the same wisdom. I’d love to do something like this again!

~Rachel, age 17

The Teen Experience helped me become a less judgmental person. I learned to have an open heart and mind. And I have love for myself for once now. I gained some really great friends and met some amazing people. I came into this apprehensive and nervous and left happy and enlightened.

~Careena, age 15

It has shown me that people of all cultures and lifestyles have very similar problems and that we can connect on a deeper level no matter what our differences are.

~Emmett, age 17

The Teen Experience made me realize my inner beauty which is a happy person who cares about people. I feel like less of a shy person and more outgoing and comfortable with my self-expression now.

~Dante, age 16

I love everybody here. I made like 30 news friends and I actually got good at making friends. Also, like 30 different things that happened helped me feel less depressed. It was totally fun!!!

~Destiny, age 15

This has been a spectacular experience. I got to be me and I was fully accepted. My self-confidence has improved a ton. I have made many new friends that I will stay connected with for all the rest of my days. I totally look forward to my next experience!

~Jadrian, age 18

I learned a lot about myself and who I am and I also connected with a lot of people! It also opened my eyes to society and how life goes by and you can become super unhappy, but you can always change that.

~Ciana, age 15

This was an epic adventure with lots of fun twists and turns. We could talk about real things that we don’t usually share with others. It was very safe for us to be who we really are in our hearts, which is beautiful.

~Anonymous, age 14

This was an amazing experience!!! It was so interesting, fun, REAL and healing that none of us wanted it to end. I walked out of the there feeling connected and free. Together, we got through some heavy stuff that was really bothering us. We left there high on life and filled with new hope and love!

~Gabrielle, age 17

What you receive from attending this seminar is truly out of this world. The seminar allows us to be who we really are. We were able to learn and discover who we are as people and what role we play in our own lives. It allows teenagers to be able to bond in a way that is so intense and free from judging thoughts which gives us the confidence and freedom to understand ourselves.

~Anonymous, age 16


In this seminar, I learned the real meaning of listening. I had heard it before, but never experienced it the way I did here. I got to know others better and understand their feelings. I got to know me more.

~Karen, age 17

I cleared my clouded head that’s been clouded for quite a while. I really released a lot of emotions that have just been kind of sitting in me for a long time. I definitely got to know     myself better. I didn’t receive all the answers, but at least now I feel more centered and solid in my body.

~Anonymous, age 17

I learned to value myself and the realization of how important I can actually be, and the effect my words have on people.

~Alex, age 16


Now I can express myself more with many people. We are more connected. We see each other different. It was an awesome experience.

~Anonymous, age 15


Three words: Courage. Confidence. Happiness.

~Chris, age 16


I received many values in this seminar. It made me feel as if other people could feel what I feel. They listened to me and showed me how not to listen to bad comments and bad vibes. I learned to just be myself and feel happy about it. I learned acceptance.

~Ale, age 15


​For the first time I looked within me! I got negative thoughts out of my mind and brought in positive stuff. The connection with the group members was so special for me because I have a deep desire to meet people and make friends. Meeting with these people and the things we discussed made the relationship created much more personal and intimate. I loved it!

~Venus, age 16

Every teen should go to at least one teen seminar in their lifetime. I learned many new things, gained friendships and got more in touch with myself.

~Anonymous, age 17

It’s very hard to put into words how I feel after attending this seminar. I now have many more friends and a lot more confidence in myself. I learned that I should really just go up to people and be more social, instead of being untrusting and reserved. It feels a lot better knowing that I am not invisible and that people are actually glad to see me and want to talk to me. The seminar was a change of life-style for me.

~Amanda, age 17


Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to know more about myself and about others too. I think this is one of the better things I have done in my whole life. I feel like a whole new person; a happy, confident, loving, mature, independent, understanding teenager.

~Alejandra, age 14


I learned so much I can’t even describe it. It was an awesome experience I will never forget!

~Chanel, age 15


​It is a must for every teen. Do not hesitate!

~Anonymous, age 18


You’ve got no idea how this has changed my perspective on life!!! I can’t describe how much happier I’ve been after the experience and I wanna keep moving. I’ve reached a level of self-comprehension that no ordinary teen could. Most adults don’t even feel this. I’m so ahead of myself it’s awesome!!! I’m gonna enjoy life so much more because of this. Thank you for helping me start discovering myself.

~Eric, age 16



What PARENTS say about the Teen Experience

I have to say I’ve noticed a greater level of awareness and my daughter being much more responsible, happier and less argumentative! I’m grateful to see you offer follow-up events as I know over time, things get forgotten. It will be nice for them to reconnect and I really hope to see something monthly or seasonally offered for them. Thank you so very much for doing this for our teens. It’s so needed!


I just wanted to thank you for bringing and sharing The Teen Experience with my son and all the other amazing teens. It certainly has made a huge difference in his life to get a glimpse of what so many other kids are going through, feeling the connection amongst them and looking within. Hopefully, this will continue into the future. I certainly have felt that there is a huge need for this type of conscious guidance in this age group for a long time. Thank you.


My son related to me that through this process he had gained a better understanding of himself, others and the world as he sees it. He shared with me that comparatively, he felt that other people he had met had some “real” problems and that it helped him put his issues in perspective. We are communicating better than we did before. I have seen positive changes in my son.


My daughter returned very happy from the seminar. I think her perceptions toward others changed for good. She found feelings inside of her that she was not able to identify before. I totally recommend this seminar to teens.


My daughter learned how to communicate better with friends and the real meaning of friendship.


It helped my daughter accept herself more and not act the way others (peers) want her to. She is also caring more about her classmates and thinking twice before saying something that can hurt others. It would be great if you could do seminars like this more often!


This is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. At the graduation, my son shared from a sweet tenderness that I always knew was in there, but had seemed to slip away from him the past few years. I am hopeful for a better connection and more fluid conversation between us now.


My daughter’s attitude has changed. She is super happy. She said it was the best experience of her life. She is more centered. I think it was a fantastic experience and worth it 100%!


My son enjoyed it very much. He said it was a very positive thing for the group as a whole and that it was a really good experience for everyone involved.


My daughter came home from the weekend very content and is all smiles. I notice a new level of awareness and consideration in her. This is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to others.


I think this was a great experience to help teens feel listened to and like they matter – because they do! My daughter has a new sense of self-confidence and conviction.


​It was a wonderful experience for my son! Please do more!