Smile More: Smiling is good for your health (boosts immune system, lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, reduces stress, etc.) Your brain does not know the difference between a real or a fake smile.

Activity: Smile Alarm – Set an alarm reminding you to smile every hour J

Movement: Stuck in negative thinking? Break negative thoughts and shake things up. Wiggle, dance, skip, stretch. SHAKE. Put some favorite music on and dance wildly like nobody’s watching. Do the hokey pokey and move your energy about.

Nature Walks / Beauty Treasure Hunts: Take a walk to a nearby park, library or café. Pay attention as you walk soaking in the beauty. Walk slowly, intentionally.

With Presence. Breath in all of the majesty, grace and life force energy.

Sensory Awareness: Be Present and REMEMBER your Essence through the day.

One way to do this is to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Stop and take a moment to sense the world around you through your being – notice the wind on your face, your feet on the ground, the taste of saliva in your mouth, the smells, sights, sounds, etc.

Be vigilant with what you allow into your consciousness: We are what we pay attention to. We are bombarded with constant noise, distractions and manipulative messages all day. Limit TV and internet time. Choose the news you read/watch. Find uplifting shows, movies, music, books and imagery. All affects our happiness and well-being. Garbage in = Garbage out. Beauty in = Beauty out.

Surround yourself with positive people: Find people who lift you up and make you feel more hopeful, cheerful and inspired in authentic and supportive ways.

Be Quiet: Talk less, Listen more. Avoid useless talking. Complaining & Gossip robs us of our joy and vitality. Be mindful of what you say and the conversations you participate in.

Be Still: Meditation and/or focusing on your breath increases PRESENCE and JOY.

Creative Expression: Any form of creativity is good for the soul. Paint, color, draw, make puppets, sculpt, write poetry. Put the inner critic to rest. Explore and have fun.

Honest Emotional Expression: Learn to accept and embrace all parts of self. We cannot cut off our pain without also cutting off access to our joy. Freeform writing (write by hand without thinking, editing or re-reading – burn it when finished) and/or keeping a journal can be great forms of expressive support. Find a friend(s) you can consciously vent to and be heard by.

Children & Animals: The soul is healed in BEING with children and animals. Be present and observe their essence to help connect with your own. If you can find a picture of when you were a child (age 2-7) this often opens the heart and helps us connect more to our authentic joy. Read children’s stories. Imagine and play games.

Service Projects: Acts of kindness, generosity and service for others lifts our hearts.

It is our nature to serve, share and give fully. Our suffering comes from withholding and holding back. We have an abundance of Joy and Love that is meant to be shared.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

Life Coaching/Support Groups/Therapy/Awareness Classes: Outside assistance can be a great service to releasing limiting blocks and developing more authentic expression. Yoga, Improv, Acting, Meditation, Spiritual Retreats, Emotional intelligence, poetry, wilderness courses, travel, teen alanon, etc. can be great support in developing more knowledge and being.

Compliments & Love Notes: Sharing Joy and Positivity multiplies exponentially. Compliment others often. Write love notes and encouraging emails for yourself and others. Leave positive post-it notes around the house (You are awesome! You are Beautiful! You LIGHT up the day, etc.) Affirmations are another great support tool.

Gratitude: Find a gratitude (or happiness 😉 rock and say things you are grateful for as you hold it. Speak appreciations in the shower, in the car or on a walk. Keep a gratitude journal. Think Less, Thank More. What you feed grows.

Self-Appreciations and I Love You Meditation: Say I love you repeatedly with hands over your heart. Say appreciations in the mirror while looking into your eyes.

Choices: For us ADHD types, mix up your spiritual practice, exercise or any sort of routine activity by offering yourself choices. This can bring a sense of newness and fun to the mundane. Example – Meditation can be done to music, with movement, a walking, sitting, mantra, visual or writing (wait for guidance and write) meditation.

Joy List: Make a list of joyful activities and pick something once a week to enjoy – swimming, tennis, zumba, nature walk, art project, coloring, hang out with a friend.

Pick something daily and do it.

Adventure Wall: Kind of like a bucket list – write a bunch of post-its of things you want to accomplish this year (clean out closet, volunteer with animals, buy art supplies, learn how to paint, visit a new park, etc.). You can color code the post-its by things that cost money, need rides, are done solo, etc.