Dear Parent(s),


Thank you for considering the Teen Experience program for your teen.

Life can be confusing to navigate through no matter what age we are, but the teen years can be particularly hard. They bring about special challenges because teens are often trying to find their place in the world independent of parental, educational and organizational influence and control. Teens typically push edges and question systems and authority during this time. Part of this is in the natural design of growing into the next stages of hopefully authentic and empowered young adulthood.

Some of the peer situations teens are immersed in do not inherently provide appropriate levels of safety and structure for them to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences openly without feeling judged, unsure or criticized. We believe to be able to thrive, teens need safe spaces among their peers to feel seen, heard, understood and valued, and to recognize that they are not alone in their experiences and struggles.

The Teen Experience is a unique opportunity for teens from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and cultures to come together, explore and share perspective, experience, strength, understanding, support and love.

Over the course of three 12 hour days your teen will be involved in various illuminating discussions and activities that include art, music, youtube/film clips, meditation, visualization, movement, games, and other creative processes. In the safety of this uniquely structured program and with the compassionate caring of volunteers and other participants, your teen will have the rare opportunity to remember their essence and anchor in their unique expression. They will develop skills and collect core life-enhacing memories to help them effectively navigate life with greater courage, confidence, joy and ease.

This program is open to teens (ages 14-19) who have a certain level of emotional depth and social awareness, and who are interested in transparency, growth and connection.

It is recommended for happy, healthy, secure and outgoing teens, as well as introverted, sometimes shy and socially awkward teens… and all the levels of expression in between.

This program is based largely on attraction – either the teen is drawn to it, or often it is the parent who sees or hears about it and is guided to nudge their teen in our direction. We believe in the nudging if you feel it. We have had teens who absolutely did NOT want to come and end up being the greatest champions of the work. Our walls melt fairly quickly in the presence of authentic love. Plus, teens are masters at smelling BS. Everything about the Teen Experience is real, honest and straight up.

If you want them there, give them the extra push to come.

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We hope to see your Teen on August 27!

And we personally hope to meet you at Graduation on August 29!




Teri Jo & Kate