FAQs on the 3 Day TEEN EXPERIENCE event

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Why so many days and long hours?

This is an adventure in Self-Discovery. Our inner world is vast like the ocean – mysterious, deep and wide. It takes time, willingness and courage to remember and live our  authentic expression. We pack a lot of exploration, activities and chats in these three days to give you variety and value with lasting influence.  NOTE: The single most requested piece of feedback from teens at the end of every seminar is “We want more time!”

What will we do all day long?

This question is near impossible to answer. First, it is hard to describe what we will be doing because it is a cumulative adventure that happens organically with all of us together. There are a wide variety of activities and discussions designed to lead you to your own inherent truth, wisdom, depth and beauty, and to give you specifics out of context wouldn’t do the TEEN EXPERIENCE justice. Secondly, we can’t give you details because it would spoil the mystery and fun of the adventure. Open-mindedness, willingness and trust are keys.

Will it be boring?

Since you are the main subject of this event, the answer is most definitely NO! The processes and activities are designed to be engaging and meaningful for all. Nothing we put our whole heart into is ever boring. This is a heart-inspired project. It is also an experiential event – meaning you will be experiencing the Awakening and Awareness as we go. We will keep things moving at a dynamic and engaging pace. Our clear and unified intention is for this to completely rock at every level for everyone involved. And, it always happens!

Will there be breaks? And, what about meals?

Yes – many! Every couple hours there will be a 15-20 minute break and there will be two meal breaks a day – usually 90 minutes long. These two daily meals are catered and include gluten free and vegetarian options. Daily meals are included in the price.

What if I don’t have any problems?

First – all the better, then you will only discover more magic and wonder inside yourself and in the world around you. Second – you are human, so our guess is there might be some things that challenge you and stand in the way of you having more of what you want in life. Why not look at what this is and find ways to understand, accept or change it. Either way, you can be a wonderful support person for others going through challenges and/or overcoming insecurities and concerns.

Why are you doing this?

We want to share the TEEN EXPERIENCE with teens because we know the power they have to create more authentic, engaging and fulfilling lives! Living at this level not only affects individuals, but it has the ability to positively shift the whole planet. We understand the power of being and growing together consciously within your own tribe of generational peers. We are here to honor, support, inspire and celebrate you; to provide the safe space, processes and tools to help you Remember who you are and live that passionately, sincerely and boldly!

Will it be Hard? Scary? Uncomfortable? Embarrassing?

Anything new can feel challenging, awkward and scary, especially in the beginning. To LIVE requires us to be on the edge of our vulnerability, and to continually take risks in the unknown. The first day is designed to welcome and connect us all, and to build a level of safety and trust. It is a progressive seminar, so each day and activity builds as we go. We will not force you to share or do anything embarrassing. We will encourage you to participate to your fullest ability, because as with anything in life, we get whatever we are willing to give our time, energy and attention to.

What if I am coming alone? How can I get my friends to come?

Many participants come alone. Sometimes it is even better this way because it’s more private and you can meet new friends. If you have someone you really want to share this with, it is best to send them the website link and just ask them to come. Trust that those who are ready will come. If you need one of us to speak to someone we are always available to share.

Will it be religious or school-like?

No, we know your time is valuable and the last thing you need is another adult telling you who to be and what to do. There will be no religion. No dogma. No platitudes or righteous morality preaching. We are not claiming to be any sort of authority on your lives. In fact, nobody can be an authority on your life except for you. This is called the TEEN EXPERIENCE because it is designed for you to be able to connect with and experience your own inherent nature, as well as find your own True Leader within. While this is an educational process, and it may feel a bit school-like in the timing and structure of it, the purpose of the structure is to create safety and trust, which then enhances the adventure, and results in a higher degree of authentic connection and freedom for everyone.

Why does it cost money to attend?

There are many costs associated with putting this event together from space rental to daily meals, equipment rental, facilitator fees, supplies, etc. For those in financial need, please apply for scholarship support.