We are a Seattle based non-profit organization dedicated to creating a conscious movement among youth, families and communities.

Our mission is to empower teens to live inspired lives with compassion and purpose by cultivating radical self-love, authentic expression, personal responsibility and meaningful connections.

We envision a world where teens know and live their highest potential. They feel supported, understood, nurtured and valued. Through courageous exploration, activity and discussion they find ways to connect inside and out with honesty, compassion and love.


Founder/Executive Director

Teri Jo Wheeler is committed to cultivating greater awareness, authentic expression and positive change in the world. She has been a K-8 school teacher, counselor and mentor specializing in emotional health, life skills and awareness education over the past 15 years. Currently, she is a soul-centered life coach and leads inspiring groups, retreats and personal growth seminars in the USA, Canada and Mexico. She has a Bachelors in Business, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and a California teaching credential. Her life is devoted to youth, truth and bringing the eternal sunshine out from within.



Kate Forbes brings her compassionate heart and gentle nature to supporting youth in finding a clearer sense of their authentic self, and cultivating the courage to connect and act from this center. She has a Bachelors in Anthropology, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and a Colorado teaching credential. She has taught elementary school, volunteered abroad in a Kenyan clinic, and helped in Dominican orphanages. She is currently a soul-centered life coach. Her life is dedicated to creating meaningful, heartfelt relationships and empowering others to live their fullest expression.


This event is also supported by a wonderful team of Teen Experience grads and adult volunteers, as well as the local and global community.

Global Teen Team