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Our mission is to empower teens to live inspired lives with compassion and purpose by cultivating radical Self-love, authentic expression, personal responsibility, and meaningful connections.

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GTE_Testimonial_Astrid“Wow! I learned so much in this experience –about my fears, my masks, my self, my gifts, my beautiful shiny heart. In the seminar, I found myself and discovered what I wanted. I learned to know myself better and to love myself more. I became awake and can now see the world differently.”

~Astrid, age 15

GTE_Testimonial_Emmett“It has shown me that people of all cultures and lifestyles have very similar problems and that we can connect on a deeper level no matter what our differences are.”

~Emmett, age 17

GTE_Testimonial_Gabrielle“This was an amazing experience!!! It was so interesting, fun, REAL and healing that none of us wanted it to end. I walked out of the there feeling connected and free. Together, we got through some heavy stuff that was really bothering us. We left there high on life and filled with new hope and love!”

~Gabrielle, age 17

GTE_Testimonial_Eric“You’ve got no idea how this has changed my perspective on life!!! I can’t describe how much happier I’ve been after the experience and I wanna keep moving. I’ve reached a level of self-comprehension that no ordinary teen could. Most adults don’t even feel this. I’m so ahead of myself it’s awesome!!! I’m gonna enjoy life so much more because of this. Thank you for helping me start discovering myself.”

~Eric, age 16

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